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Approach method to influencer

Big benefits of influencer posting

In order to ask popular influencers, it is important to “build trust” with influencers.
Simple, but important. Why is it important?
That’s because, in most cases, the brand wants to sign contract with an influencer that has the power to move the market significantly.
Followers trust influencers. Therefore,
Regular brand goodness is posted regularly by a credible influencer,
It is a great merit for the brand.
Influencer is better or worse, both at the company’s growth stage and the important phase, because it has influence at the top level.
However, there is also a challenge.
Simply, there are many other good brands, products and services, so we do not know if influencers will always continue to post their brand’s goodness.
That is why we must build relationships with influencers regularly and carefully. In order to have cooperation, it is necessary to make long-term relationships rather than temporary.
Ask Influencer – Do things that you do and do not do

When asking influencers, there is something you absolutely must do, there is something you should never do.
This is the most important thing.
Influencer marketing builds real trust of people and people.
In other words, actually meeting and talking to each other, or if it is difficult because of the physical distance, to e – mail, to talk on the phone, to talk with Skype.
You can find common points through a simple conversation, and you can know what kind of influencer is, what you are interested in, what you usually do. What you need to do with influencers is the same as doing new things when building new relationships with friends and colleagues.

Do not get too nervous, friendly. I forget about promoting brands and I will be in contact with influencers as a person.
Before starting approach to influencer, let’s first check the following influencer information as a basic matter.
· Biography

· Hobbies · Interests

· What type of genre posting

· What kind of followers are you interacting with?

· What user’s posts are being shared

Doing things

1 Where to approach first

It is the best way to approach approach where influencers are active.
Let’s open a representative instagram, Twitter or facebook.
DM is roughly passed through. (If your job request is written in DM and on your profile, let’s DM)
For postings, you’d feel free to write down something interesting. Let’s go into a conversation with influencers. I will reply to what I thought after reading influencer posts.
Again, keep in mind that you are one person, and forget about brand PR. Whatever you do, do not overdo your brand at this stage. At this stage it is possible to comment on shared posts and posts sent by influencers themselves. It will not panic, it will be linked to influencers, eventually until we interact on the mail, where we move on to the next process.
When approaching influencers, let ‘s make short and concise sentences. As in the following sentences, a long sentence including details is not necessary at this stage.
“Hello, △△.
My name is xx (name) of ○ ○ (company or user name).
Posting about Teresa ‘s cosplay that I was posting recently was very good, I thought that I would definitely get along.
Thank you.
×× (Name) “
One sentence above the message, I will add a sentence about you and your company or user name.
2 When to Approach

Even if you start tie-up with influencer, even if you start asking for work to influencer,
The best timing is now.
You should not wait until important timing, such as selling products or starting a new campaign, comes. We should start now.
It is because it takes time to contract with influencers that contribute to the brand.
In order to build a real relationship, it is necessary to keep treating this relationship without being impatient. In other words, it takes time to build relationships with influencers.
Let’s start today to have influence tomorrow.
3 What should be provided besides compensation

Please think about what you can offer to the influencer who cooperated.
What should I do to them in order to continue the relationship that I have created? This is one of the most important things in influencer marketing and that way of thinking.
Influencers you want to build a relationship have made considerable efforts to have influence in that field. So, whether it is about cosplay or about illustration, the influencer often wants to post various new information such as new products. Such
By providing up-to-date information, you can contribute to creating great posts that influencers most emphasize.
That is why it is the most common and most demanding that we provide our products to influencers.
The earlier it is, the better the relationship with the influencer will be.
Not just giving a big reward,
Ensure that influencers experience the brand, product and quality.
Examples that can be provided to influencers include the following examples.
· Limited information on new products and campaigns at an early stage

· Invitation to special events

· Limited goods, not for sale

The things to offer vary depending on the brand, but do not forget to make a relationship between people and a person, no matter what you provide.
Things not to do

1 Present condition

The important thing is that I am not “buying influencer posts”, but “that influencers are experiencing their products and brands”. It is not asking you to specify the number of posts. That’s because the contract with influencers is a sense that they are getting influential friends rather than buying ads. (Let’s pass the reward)
2 Request the first day of contact

Do not propose a brand in a conversation before you build up a relationship with influencers. Unless there is special,
You should not talk about brands and requests in the first message.
3 Automate contacts

Automatic delivery DM is disliked. Such a DM
It looks like spam, has no context, looks like a brute promotion.
You’d better never do it. Influencer marketing can be made from the relationship between people and people. Let’s be aware of it from the beginning.
Also, stop copying messages. When I comment the same things over and over again on SNS, when I look at the account profile page, it seems “This user is spam!” Let’s use a real account that is not spam as one person and approach it with reasonable frequency.
Continue relationships with influencers

If we succeed in contacting the first influencer and if we can successfully build up a relationship of trust with the influencer, then we will continue this relationship. The stronger this relationship, the greater the effect of influencers will be.
To keep connected

By sometimes calling and emailing, we maintain relationships. If you live nearby, I think it would be nice to invite someone to drink. When influencers want something they want to know or want some information, they are connected to influencers as reliable people.
To provide something

Let’s invite influencers to product briefings and events. Send a cosmetic sample of a new product or send a new marketing material before branding.
Be a friendly person

Our brain tends to remember the first thing and the last thing.
If the contract is over, do not you need to thank influencers?
If you do not do anything, the influencer may feel that there was not a good exchange. So, in order to connect with the opportunity thereafter, I will thank the influencer. I can give the last impression only once. Because it is troublesome,
Let me give thanks.

Encountering with people is fun. Let’s enjoy enjoying influencer marketing.
Because speaking with a nice influencer,
Not only money, it is the job to build a relationship that will benefit each other.