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How to find influencers

To find out the desired influencer, it is actually more than just a large number of influencer followers. So what should we look at and judge?

What is influencer?

When the influencer talks, the follower listens.
Influencer has spent years, challenging that and posting about it. And it is finally empathized with people, followers increase and become influencers.
In addition, influencers often have a very strong interest in that genre. It is a cosplay, an illustration, etc. It continues to challenge for a long time in order to make the genre very extensive.
So Influencer learns by sharing interesting posts in real time and Influencer creates unique and engaging posts. Also, we frequently communicate with the same people on the SNS with followers and interests.
It is not only that we simply have a large number of followers, how we are good at that genre, how we are interested in that genre, and how we are communicating with people of that genre.
A strong influencer in that genre has a real listener, a realist listener is looking forward to the influencer’s posting.
Influencer credit

There is “credit” between the influencer and the follower, which is the greatest merit of influencer marketing.
Followers trust influencers that send high-quality contributions. But its credit is not a living thing, a continuous effort is necessary to maintain it.
Therefore, it is necessary for both influencers and brands to respect each other.
Four points to identify influencers

There are four points you want to check to see influencers.

  1. Possibility of spreading

This is the most important indicator. In order to know the possibility of spreading, it is necessary to measure the engagement of influencers. By knowing your usual engagement you can guess how far you can diffuse when influencers post about that genre.
Naturally, when I want to PR the brand through influencer marketing, I think that I will look for an influencer who receives a lot of response to the posting, that is, it is shared and receives many nice and comments. Such influencer posting can boost the topic of brands on SNS and make the brand shine.

  1. Percentage of followers

The more influence you have on the follower you are viewing posts, the more real spreading power is thought to be. The real influencer’s followers are mostly active followers. As already mentioned above, it is not very meaningful that there are many followers, simply.
A thousand followers who show interests in posts are worthwhile, but on the other hand there is no value for 100 thousand followers who are not interested in posting anything. (In the first place it is unknown whether such followers are interested followers.)

  1. Relevance to brand

For PR of cosmetics, let’s stop approaching the influencers familiar with the car. Influencers often strive to make posts of their own world view in most cases. And in most cases, it is a post about the content of the genre the influencer himself is interested in.
Before deciding on an influencer, please be sure to understand the interests and interests of influencers and see if they are focused on influencers that match the brand.

  1. Is it possible to have topicality

Appropriate influencers raise the brand’s topic quickly. The best influencer is just influencers who communicate with followers, not just posting genres that they are interested in.
There is a one-way street communication capability that allows you to play conversation cardboard. That is what makes fruitful and effective influencer marketing. Through exchanges with influencers, many followers go into that topic.
How to find an appropriate influencer?

Influencers are everywhere.
The difficulty is to find hundreds of millions of influencers on SNS and the appropriate influencers for the brand from tens of millions of contributions and comments daily generated.
It’s like finding a needle from the forest.
Here are some solutions to find the right influencer.
【Google · Yahoo!】
Benefits: Free, simple and easy to use
Disadvantage: It tends to be only a fixed top influencer
Google, Yahoo! Search is probably the first thing most people try using when looking for influencers. You can see that it is not very useful if you actually use Google search when looking for influencers. Google, Yahoo! search is not a tool for searching influencers.
What you can find on Google, Yahoo! Search will be a list of top influencers already completed. But those lists are something someone else created for that influencer himself.
【Make SNS keyword search】
Benefits: Free, just exactly as the first step, free
Disadvantage: It takes a lot of noise and takes time
If you search on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can find the user who posted the keyword you’ve searched for or who is using that keyword with your user name, profile etc. However, it is impossible to find an appropriate influencer.
This search engine is not optimized for influencer searching. As a result, there is no way to sort Influencers, you will have to deal with nearly 100% unrelated noise as well.
【Using the influencer search tool】
Benefits: You can quickly find the most appropriate influencer in a short time
Disadvantage: Functions available for free are limited, full-scale use costs expensive
Just like Google, Yahoo! is optimizing for searching on the web, there is a full-blown tool that is optimized for influencer search. Behind the influencer search tool is sophisticated technology, which incorporates a variety of measurement methods to find the correct influencer.
By quickly finding the most appropriate influencer for your brand, you can make effective use of time and lead the PR of influencer marketing to success.
We will introduce 4 tools.
· Excellent content marketing, you can find the most shared content for each keyword Buzzsumo
· Monitor function and influencer can be verified Brandwatch, Traackr
· Klear that allows social analysis and influencer search
How to find it?

Depending on how you find influencers, you decide on the first time to start PR and the anticipated minimum success of influencer marketing.
Influencer marketing recommends that you use appropriate tools to quickly find influencers, judge appropriateness, and measure effectiveness.