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Influencer marketing

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is to build a “relationship between people”.
Because it is requested that we successfully connect the value that people demand and the value that brands provide, express and communicate the merit of that brand.
Meanwhile, people who are “influential people” who receive a lot of trust from people feel the charm of the brand and send out.
By doing so, we can approach the target people who are looking for the value that brand offers.
In addition, you have the opportunity to communicate with the most influential existence in a certain field in relation to influencers. By talking on media such as Twitter, Instagram or facebook or talking directly, you can have opportunities to hear stories about how influencers think about brands.
If we can cooperate with the correct influencer and build a solid relationship, we will expand reach to more people and receive stronger trust and responses from fans. Needless to say, it will be effective from the point of view of ROI and from the point of view of SEO.
What kind of influencer is present?

Influencer is a person with a strong influence in a certain field.
In other words, as influencers speak, a lot of people listen.
Influencers are attracting a lot of people, regardless of cosplay, illustrations, or bikes.
So, as many people as new smart models or newly released bikes, I can not wait for influencers to send out new products.
The trigger for everything to start

Influencer marketing was born with the advent of SNS.
In the past, it was mainstream that an entertainer recommended products as Michael Jordan advertised on Nike.
However, with the advent of social media, I and you can easily reach millions of users from my smartphone or PC.
What is the effect of influencer marketing?

The 16-year-old vlogger (a person who posts videos on a blog) may have a stronger influence than a famous athlete posting a review about a new running shoe.
So, if several influencers produce a wide range of content about the brand, it will have a huge effect in raising business outcomes.

Before buying things, people are looking for candidates, thinking whether to buy or not, and consulting when you get lost. At that time, people talk to people, not talking to brands.
That is the challenge a company faces in brand marketing.
How to break that wall and how to talk to people. As a reliable person, not as a brand.
It is necessary to have a presence that connects the brand with people here.
We need a reliable intermediary that appeals our products and brands to people and talks on their behalf. To do so, it is important that you send out about brands and goods by that person’s own posting that you will not be seen as a sponsored post that you received an advertisement request.
And there, influencer marketing is established.
5 Reasons to Start Influencer Marketing

  1. Can someone spread the products / brands

Whether it is on the Internet or not, it is ideal that brands come up to topics in people’s conversation. If you can build good relationships with the right influencer, influencers will spread the brand’s story beyond assumptions.

  1. Even now advertisements are becoming more easily ignored, you can focus attention on posts

Advertising effect has declined rapidly in recent years. Too many ads, people are unconsciously able to ignore advertisements. So influencer marketing is the real way to get noticed by the brand.

  1. Raise the rank on Google and take measures against SEO

Although this tendency is often overlooked, influencer marketing has quite a SEO effect. Dialing from a trusted source on the web will bring the brand higher in the search engine.

  1. Can increase ROI

According to Tomoson, if you use 1000 yen for influencer marketing, that return will be 650 yen.

  1. Simply because it’s effective

92% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers on social than any type of advertisement. Recommendations from a trustworthy influencer increase not only traffic, but also the brand’s name recognition, creating further sales. Simply, that is effective.
The next step is to find influencers

There are hundreds of millions of users on social media. So finding an influencer is like finding a needle from the forest.
Moreover, what I have to find is not just a person who has influence but a person with influence that fits the brand. Even if you take only Twitter, about half a billion tweets are murmured a day, and quite a lot of reply and contents are shared daily. How can we find the right influencer for your business?